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Pitons – Plates – Anchors

At home, we are surrounded by mountains, which, of course, has a strong influence.

As climbing enthusiasts, more than 30 years ago we started with the boutique production of pitons and other anchor gear: first for our own use, but because we also have a lot of knowledge of metal processing, enthusiasm soon grew into serial production.

Today, we manufacture the entire range of pitons, plates, and anchors alpinists need in big walls as well as in outdoor and indoor climbing areas. A similar situation exists in the field of fastening technology for climbing areas and artificial walls.


In our Slovenian mountains and those of our neighbors, the limestone structure of the rock dominates. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer many possibilities for the use of movable belays, so pitons driven into the rock cracks are mostly used for protection when climbing. The size and width of the cracks are different, so the pitons also vary in size and thickness accordingly.

Depending on their purpose, pitons are divided into safety and progression pitons:

  • The safety pitons are longer and have a length of at least of 9-10 cm from the ear. We distinguish by the shape and design: universal, profile, diagonal, angular etc. The suitability and use of such pitons is indicated by the letter S engraved in the tool.
  • Technical pitons are shorter and thinner, and mainly intended for use in technical climbing. Those pitons are engraved with the letter V.

Plates and Anchors

At the turn of the new century, the number of climbers and climbing areas increased. New sport-climbing routes in high walls have also begun to be built. Installation of anchor points by drilling and fixing plates with TSA-type anchors is very easy and fast.

Products are distinguished only by material – stainless steel and structural steel with galvanic protection (galvanizing). Thus, plates and bolts are available in both materials, but the anchor points are only available in stainless steel. Stainless materials are more durable, they are also suitable for seaside places, caves: for areas with a greater possibility of material corrosion. For the interior of the continent, even galvanized steel gear last more than 20 years without signs of wear and use.
It is not recommended to mix the materials together. It is best if the anchor and plate are used from the same material segment.

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